Retreats are an opportunity to step out of the routines of our daily life, and into a rejuvenating rhythm of rest, relaxation, play and creativity. Taking time to pause, step back and explore what nourishes us most not only benefits our own health and vitality, but offers us insight and gifts that will contribute to, and enhance the wellbeing of our family and communities. 

Loving the hell out of yourself

Dates: Friday, March 20-Sunday, March 23, 2020

Times: 4PM, March 20 through 1PM Sunday, March 23.

LocationSpirit Fire Retreat Center
407 West Leyden Road
Leyden, MA 01337


  • Shared room
  • All Vegetarian homemade meals
  • Workshops
  • Free time for walking, reading, crafting
  • Saturday night bonfire


  • Shoreham Spirits
  • Angela Marschall, Soul Medicine Practitioner
  • Janet Mulhall, Atlantis Health Network

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Contact Angela to schedule an appointment.