Angela H. Marschall has been in the Health and Wellness field for over 35 years. Growing up in the foothills to the Austrian Alps, as the seventh child of nine children, she discovered early that the basic ingredients to a happy life were: a loving environment, organic, home-grown food, being and interacting in and with nature, fresh air, clean water, a natural desire and curiosity to learn, explore and daydream. She was also imprinted and inspired by music, poetry, and movement. Health and wellness awareness were demonstrated in organic gardening, creating natural remedies out of what naturally grew in the environment she grew up in. What wasn't naturally provided by nature was being crafted and inspired by assimilated family wisdom throughout generations.

At the tender age of 14, Angela left her hometown and moved to the city of Vienna. There she continued her education and explored social work, became a Massage Therapist and Reiki practitioner, and later graduated from Nursing School as a Registered Nurse. Her interest and hunger to research, practice and engage in personal growth and healing, drove her into a never-ending learning spiral of many western and eastern nontraditional and traditional healing modalities. (Iris diagnostic, Medical intuitive studies, meditation and mindfulness studies, shamanic journeying, inner child work, rebirthing, Landmark education, A Course in Miracles study groups, ITA Energy Medicine, just to name a few).

Her desire to explore and learn carried Angela to study different cultures, life styles and religions. Traveling was one of the ventures through which that hunger found some satisfaction. After traveling through much of Europe, she then traveled through much of North America. She met her future husband, and decided to stay in Long Island, NY to raise a family. Angela started her own private counseling and energy medicine practice, Cascading Joy Wellness in 2007. She loved creating a spiritual community, by founding the Spiritual Truthseekers, teaching mediation and other self-growth workshops. Now that her children have grown and her marriage has ended, Angela is able to follow her passion and dive even deeper supporting people nationally and internationally through challenging life transitions - moving from fright/flight situations into radical self-acceptance and loving the hell out of themselves.

Angela successfully and authentically shares her life experiences and intents to bridge her clients and workshop participants to connect to their own Soul medicine, from which unconscious living turns into a powerful conscious participation and creation of their own life.

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